Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Is The Differences Between Day Curtain & Night Curtain?

Day Curtains And Night Curtains: A Clear Cut Between The Two
If you have just bought a house or you need to re-decorate it, the choice of curtain is very important. Times have changed and the traditional function of curtains is no longer considered that much. Sometimes back, curtains were meant to keep the house warm by blocking the cold from outside, enhancing privacy and blocking light from outside. Now, curtains are also used for decorative purposes. Curtains enhance the look of a room. So for every window that you are going to dress, consider how it is going to influence the look of your room be it your kitchen, bedroom, lounge and even your washrooms.

Curtains come in different styles, materials, sizes and designs to suit different purposes. There are curtains that are specially meant for a lounge, bedroom, dining room and kitchen. There are those that are meant for day time and there those that are specifically meant for night time. Apparently, you can use night curtains during the day but for day curtain, they are just for daytime and not at night. Day curtain, night curtain have the following differences and purposes

Day curtains

These curtains are lightweight, translucent and are also designed from light or strong colored materials. Day curtains aid in enhancing privacy during the day while allowing sufficient light from outside. They allow a person from inside to see what's happening outside but a person outside cannot see whatever you are doing inside. They create a subtle light sensation on your room at daytime but they cannot provide privacy for you at night so don't use it for nighttime purposes. They can however be used together with opaque curtains during the night so there is no need to remove them when night falls. Most people think that day curtains are not so important and they therefore leave their windows just like that at daytime. This is not a good thing.

Night curtains

They are usually heavy weight or in other words they are heavy lined, opaque and are of dark colored materials. They block 100% light from outside and in most cases at night, a person from outside cannot notice that lights are on inside the house. Night curtains are suitable for bedroom and lounge use especially when you want to watch a movie and you do not need light destructions from outside. And also when you need to have a nap maybe in the afternoon, night curtains will serve you right. Basically, night curtains are meant to block light from outside creating a blackout effect in your room.

So when choosing curtains, know the purpose you need them to serve you. Understand the various materials used to design curtains. This is a key factor that gives a clear cut between day curtains, night curtains. Once you are sure of what you want the go out and shop for curtains. Also, don't forget that curtain rails or poles are also important. The rails can either be hidden or you can choose bold ones depending on your taste and preference.