Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Curtains & Roller Blinds?

 What Are The Benefits Of Installing Curtains & Roller Blinds?

There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to our soul. Still, it is quite difficult for anyone to read what you are thinking or feeling just by gazing into your eyes. But that is not the case for actual windows! If left bare, without curtains or blinds, one has zero privacy to relax comfortably at home with nosy neighbours peering in as they walk past your home.

The most common type of housing in Singapore is high-rise apartments due to the limited amount of land we have. Neighbours walking down the corridors have a full view into your home through your living room windows or sometimes bedroom windows. Those living in the adjacent block can also easily look straight into your homes and watch your family’s movements. Even in private housing estates, terraces are often squeezed closed to each other and neighbours have access into your family’s private life if your windows are left bare. A simple solution to these privacy issues would be to put up blinds or curtains at the windows and this is not the only benefit!

Helping to control the amount of sunlight pouring into your home is another functionality of curtains and blinds. It helps to keep out the bright glare and heat of the afternoon sun during lazy weekends. It also prevents the morning sun from awakening you from your peaceful slumber when you sleep in. Curtains and blinds can be easily adjusted to control the degree of sunlight streaming into your home.

Curtains are the finishing touch to your home’s décor. They can be easily changed to reflect the mood or season. For a homely look, curtains with deep warm colours like red or maroon are perfect. On the other hand, curtains with bright flower prints will liven up your homes with the colours of summer and spring. And it is not just the colour you get to decide on. Pick from a huge variety of styles like drapes or box-pleated curtains. The variety for blinds is plentiful as well! Just to name a few, you can pick between fabric and bamboo-woven blinds to complement your furniture set.  Privacy and tasteful decoration for your home is available at the snap of your fingers!

Curtains or blinds are easy to install and simple to clean. Curtains can be hand-washed or machine-washed depending on the material. There are usually tiny instruction labels attached to the curtains that advise on how to clean the curtains. Occasionally vacuum your curtains and fabric blinds to ensure that dust and mite do not collect over time. Fabric blinds can be cleaned using fabric cleaner and a wet sponge. Wooden or plastic blinds just need to be wiped free of dust with a wet cloth.