Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Choose Custom Made Curtains?

Why Choose Custom Made Curtains?

It is common scenario that when people start designing their rooms with matching furniture, walls, pictures, home decor their designing process is forced to come to an abrupt halt when they fall short of finding complementary draperies. Ready made curtains often do no succeed to complete the explicit look, fitting to the theme and requirement of the space. There are innumerable reasons why one would choose custom made draperies over their store bought versions.

With their distinctive fringes, pleats, patterns, bands, trims and ties, custom drapes help create a personalized and dramatic look in coordination with any space. Personal preferences of length, style, lining, coverage and fullness are guaranteed by custom made drapes. Lining makes all the difference. The lining helps to block the sun rays, prevent fading and also adds extensiveness to the drape.

Custom draperies are lined with a thicker fabric that blocks the sun in the best possible way. The composition of the lining provides the curtain more rich detailing, strength and fullness. Tailored to suit specific needs and designs, the custom made drapes are meant to be exclusive and unique. In contrast with the readymade curtains, there is no such concept as standard sizes with custom draperies. They can be sewn to fit precisely into any shape or size. 

The fabrics used in custom curtains are very different. They are environment friendly, these drapes do not contain dyes, pesticides or chlorinated phenol. They are not harmful to the skin, as they are not chemically treated. Made from the best raw materials, they are made to be soft, eco friendly fabrics.

As they undergo rigorous processes, such custom made curtains do not easily collect dust and dirt, hence safe for children. Store brought curtains are prone to be harsh on the skin and get rough after a few washes, but custom made drapes are very delicate and light to touch. Although more expensive than store brought drapes, more and more people are started to order designers to craft custom made drapes for their abode.They are worth the extra money.

Experienced and skilled interior decorators and designers are entrusted to create these drapes, from start to finish, ensuring high standards in terms of value of each of the curtains. Store brought draperies are made with solid, neutral colors and in standard sizes. But custom made curtains offer an infinite range of prints, colors and sizes, something that readymade curtains do not present.

Endless choices are available to go well with the personal taste and fitting to the style of the space. Custom drapes also allow for creating coordinating covers, cushions, and other room accessories from the same fabric. While mass produced curtains need to be changed every two or three years, the custom made drapes go for many years longer owing to superior quality and retained fabric color.

Among all reasons to make an investment in custom made curtains most significant among them is value. Custom made drapes is a better alternative to readymade curtains. They make a statement in the room, accent windows and draw the eye.

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