Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How To Select Blinds in Singapore

How To Select Blinds in Singapore

Considering having your windows covered with Blinds instead of curtains? It is a very good consideration to choose from. Besides being a stylish choose as compared to curtains, it is very useful in various conditions with reference to the climate you live in. In Singapore, the climate is very hot and in the mornings and afternoons you can expect lot of sun rays shining through into your rooms and living rooms if the windows are without curtains or blinds.

Choosing blinds from a range of different types of blinds which caters to your needs is a very important activity. But why choose blinds over curtains in the first place? Choosing blind is a very good choice as it is lighter to handle, easier to maintain or clean, it is able to liven up a room by complementing with selected colours for the designated room and last but not least it is considerably cheaper than curtains.
And what types of blinds can you choose from?

You can choose blinds from a range of blinds available in the types like vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds or venetian blinds and etc.

Let’s start off with Vertical Blinds, like its name suggests, this category of blinds is constructed with many strips of blinds hanging vertically from the ceiling on a track rail with respect to the horizontal plane. Vertical blinds are very unique, it comes in a normal waist level window size or it comes in the form that is suitable for large windows like French windows. It can be made of aluminum, wood, solar films, synthetic fabric, plastic and etc. Vertical Blinds are very classy to have in a home with the correct complementing colour selected and it can be used to control the amount of light into the home as well.

Up next would be Roller Blinds, this type of blinds are most suitable for blocking out the morning sun rays and very suitable for office use as well. It’s mode of movement and usage is to be rolled up and down at the windows. Usually it is made of plastic and it looks simple yet amazing to look at yet it is one of the most functional types of blinds available in the market today. These types of blinds usually come in many different colours to choose from.

Roman Blinds are the usually made of fabrics and there are various type of fabrics to be found for it. It’s mode of movement is in the same category as the Roller Blinds where it is rolled up and down.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce the Venetian Blinds or Mini Blinds. It is made up of horizontal strips of blinds connected by a cord or strips of long fabric to be rise up and down usually. Venetian Blinds are very stylish to have in a home as it can be made of materials such as wood which gives a homely and rustic feel. Other materials are also available for selection such as metallic, plastic and etc.

With this much choices for blinds, do consider installing them in your home today and make your home to look and feel much more comfortable a place to live in!

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