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Roller Blinds in Singapore

Roller Blinds in Singapore
The trend that flows in nowadays modern flats and bungalows is of tall large glass windows. In fact many fanciful people also try to build walls made of glass. Most of the offices have glass walls, doors and windows for both surveillance and design and proper sophisticated corporate conduct. For such patterned furniture and fittings the only answer to maintain privacy and style is roller blinds.
Our roller blinds inhibit sheer elegance and provide the same to the interior spaces and increase the beauty and glamour of the insides. These roller blinds are used not only for privacy but also for solar protection by reducing glare, reducing the inside temperature and ensuring the air conditioner runs effectively and also reduces the energy consumption by greater degrees.

Roller Blinds of different kinds
Many blinds are also meant for safeguarding against a number of variables such as fire, theft etc. Machine operated metal blinds among the various different options available, are often used for the before mentioned purposes. Roller blinds can either be manually constricted or expanded through a cord as well as through automatic motors which are controlled from a switches, computers, remote controls, thus removing the need of cords and also maintaining comfort and accessibility of the otherwise not accessible windows and doors. These are easy to use, thus, also efficiently helping in restoring heat during the winter months and reflecting and preventing heat from getting in during the summer season while maintaining style and decorum throughout the year.

There are even transparent blinds for home and office use meant for beauty enhancement and also causing reflection and refraction that prevents direct visibility inside but allows proper sight seeing outside. There are even ways to showcase messages or pictures printed in roller blinds. This personalized feature may further be used to impart any official message in the corporate sector a or any homey scene in residential areas. Thus, with the many merits available, these roller blinds are gaining importance in various sectors, especially in the household ones whereby they serve their purpose along with fulfilling their utility with least hassle of cleaning and maintaining and are also affordable for most classes and when they outlive their life they can also be easily and readily repaired.

We here provide a very wide range of fabrics to choose from, its application ranging from decorative and stylish to screen and specialized whereby screen fabrics is to let you to enjoy the view outside along with protection from sunlight. Whereas Blackout and Dimout fabrics are for those who prefer solar protection, heat or cold prevention and sound insulation from inside and outside, along with room darkening effect.

Our blinds are meant for utility and show hence, they are good in both their use and their styling and design and at attractive affordable prices. Just viewing the roller blinds will not be enough for you; you will also be compelled to pick your favorite from the variety displayed to you by us.

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Roller Blinds?

The Beauty And Utility Of Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are now the incoming trend that provides the glamour and elegance to your homes. They are meant for both utility and beauty and hence, their various uses are opening its market for much wider prospects to all sectors of the economy especially the household sector even though traditionally they were mostly used in office buildings.  If you want to change your window coverings, or if you are of the mind to renovate your house and the new windows are demanding something luxurious then why not think about Roller Blinds which can customize and are very homey and stylish and glamorous.

Benefits of Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds are attractive, flexible, durable and easy to operate. If you are looking for simple line coverings for your windows that fit perfectly to the windows and do not have a lot of excess fabric then the answer in the same which is available in a wide range of fabrics including translucent fabric, sunscreen and blackout fabrics inclusive of a variety of colors and patterns in each. The fabric chosen also determines its flexibility. They are also easy to operate either through a cord or a motorized one which can be operated through a wall switch or a remote control or a keypad or a personal digital computer. Their operating system varies as per its various mechanisms, it can be spring assisted or operated by a chain drive or fully motorized as stated earlier.

The Roller blinds are durable because of its use of durable steel tubes, high quality fabrics and its operating systems. Going specifically over to its merits, roller blinds have low maintenance and are greatly affordable at attractive prices ranging as to your choice and convenience in comparison to several other blind styles with a huge variety of designs, fabrics and patterns. They even give a lot of options as to its positioning be it half open or closed or fully open or closed. They protect from sunlight entering the room and also reduces , thus,  in few cases also providing darkening effect in the rooms where employed. They offer UV protection as they comprise of solar film materials keeping cool in summer and warmer in winter. They also prevent the heat from either entering the room or leaving the room in the respective summer and winter months, thus maintaining the required suitable temperature in the insides.

Different kinds of Blinds
There are different blinds for instance if you require privacy then there are full blackout blinds which ensure no one can see inside and if you want visibility outside but prevent direct visibility inside from anyone outside then there are transparent or translucent blinds that serve the purpose. There is even blind which are multipurpose that is they restrict visibility, audibility and room darkening effect along with solar protection and heat or cold insulation.

Hence, if you are looking for a sophisticated look within your budget in your homes or offices that serves your purpose of window or door covering as well as enhances the beauty and decorum of the place then do visit roller blinds shop or store and choose your pick.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Are The Differences Of Curtains & Drapes?

What Are The Differences Of Curtains & Drapes?

So what are the differences between curtains and drapes? Always wanted to get rid of that morning and afternoon sun shine that beams right through into your home? Well, you do not need to look any further as we would like to discuss the two options such as Curtains and Drapes. You may ask, what is the difference between Curtains and Drapes? Yes, both provide a barrier at the windows to prevent sun light from shining into the house but let's look more in-depth at what they can provide as options to your home.

First of all, most Curtains are known to be relatively cheaper or rather affordable as compared to drapes or other high end fabric Curtains. However with this said, light fabric Curtains are available in the market today and precisely due to the type of fabrics chosen, a Curtain can be very light indeed.

Most curtains in today's market are either hooked on rolling tabs affixed onto roller tracks hanging from above the window frames inside the rooms or there are even special types where the Curtains are made with rings to be slider across on a horizontal pole railing fixed above the window frames. There can be many other innovative ways that curtains are installed to be found in stores these days too.

Lengths of Curtains come in a few choices; either some come in short lengths and is suitable to be able to cover the window frames just nicely or there Curtains which come long lengths that reach the flooring level of the room. It is also mostly due to the nature of the Curtains that it can mostly be an informal or casual type of decorative shades at the windows.

Up next, we would look at Drapes and what it offers as compared directly to Curtains. Drapes are considered to be much more comprehensive in terms of colour, high end fabric and very much heavier than when compared to Curtains. It is also precisely the true nature of Drapes that it is in the category of formal window covering and it would be served best to be installed at a living room or space and even at dining areas of the home. With the types of robust or solid colours chosen for the settings of the room, it can make a home look exceptionally exquisite and display true class as compared to Curtains.

Yes. You may have to extremes for Curtains being a much more casual form of window covering and Drapes are a necessity if formal styling of the home is needed. As mentioned earlier are the types of features that both Curtains and Drapes offer to the consumer in today's market and in this respect, it provides a great abundance of choices for consumers and both would suit homes very well which require some form of personal choices on styling. For one such example, it is very suitable as a suggestion to install light weight fabric Curtains at window frame length in personal bedrooms to keep it casual and install Drapes in the living room area where sometimes guests are invited over and it would serve as a visual comfortable and yet keep the warmth of the house intact.

It's highly recommended to be well informed of the types of window coverings the next time you decide to shop at the shopping mall or Curtain and Drapes service providers.

Curtains For Home

Many people take pride in the way their home looks because the look of the home can reflect on ones personality. Curtains are found in almost any homes because it acts as a decoration to your home interior look. There are a few advantages of having curtains, one of the few advantages is to block out sunlight and sound from your home. For sound proof curtains, most people would usually choose those made from thick material and comes in black colour.

Choosing the right material for your home because curtains can really make a difference for your home, the material you should choose depends on the style of your homes and also your own personality. Curtains come in different style, designs and textures.

If you want your room to appear to have a fresher look, choose curtains with thin material because this will then allow light to penetrate into your room. Thin white curtain is one of the best choice. This is best recommended for your living room because your visitors will be talking openly and it will embrace them with a welcoming feeling.

If you want your room to have a darker feeling because you like to have privacy. Choose the draperies, because they come in thicker material.

Colours also play an important role for your curtain selection so play with those colours. For some areas of your home, you might want to get more colours. For example, your kitchen, bathroom and kids room. Different colours will affect the mood of your room. Nowadays, teenagers prefer the modern style and colourful curtains is one of the popular choices. Children would also be attracted to colourful curtains; this will be perfect for kids rooms. If you have the style and colour in mind, then opt for the custom-made curtains. Having Custom-Made Curtains done will let you exercise your own choice of colours, styles, materials, designs and size.

Here are some of the curtain styles which you might want to refer to:
1. Lined or Unlined-
2. Pleated
3. Sheer and laces
4. Layered curtains
5. Swag and jabot style curtains

The best way to get the suitable and cheapest curtain is to do some simple research around first. Do not rush yourself in getting the cheaper deals, always remember what you pay is what you get.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Curtains & Roller Blinds?

 What Are The Benefits Of Installing Curtains & Roller Blinds?

There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to our soul. Still, it is quite difficult for anyone to read what you are thinking or feeling just by gazing into your eyes. But that is not the case for actual windows! If left bare, without curtains or blinds, one has zero privacy to relax comfortably at home with nosy neighbours peering in as they walk past your home.

The most common type of housing in Singapore is high-rise apartments due to the limited amount of land we have. Neighbours walking down the corridors have a full view into your home through your living room windows or sometimes bedroom windows. Those living in the adjacent block can also easily look straight into your homes and watch your family’s movements. Even in private housing estates, terraces are often squeezed closed to each other and neighbours have access into your family’s private life if your windows are left bare. A simple solution to these privacy issues would be to put up blinds or curtains at the windows and this is not the only benefit!

Helping to control the amount of sunlight pouring into your home is another functionality of curtains and blinds. It helps to keep out the bright glare and heat of the afternoon sun during lazy weekends. It also prevents the morning sun from awakening you from your peaceful slumber when you sleep in. Curtains and blinds can be easily adjusted to control the degree of sunlight streaming into your home.

Curtains are the finishing touch to your home’s d├ęcor. They can be easily changed to reflect the mood or season. For a homely look, curtains with deep warm colours like red or maroon are perfect. On the other hand, curtains with bright flower prints will liven up your homes with the colours of summer and spring. And it is not just the colour you get to decide on. Pick from a huge variety of styles like drapes or box-pleated curtains. The variety for blinds is plentiful as well! Just to name a few, you can pick between fabric and bamboo-woven blinds to complement your furniture set.  Privacy and tasteful decoration for your home is available at the snap of your fingers!

Curtains or blinds are easy to install and simple to clean. Curtains can be hand-washed or machine-washed depending on the material. There are usually tiny instruction labels attached to the curtains that advise on how to clean the curtains. Occasionally vacuum your curtains and fabric blinds to ensure that dust and mite do not collect over time. Fabric blinds can be cleaned using fabric cleaner and a wet sponge. Wooden or plastic blinds just need to be wiped free of dust with a wet cloth.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Choose Custom Made Curtains?

Why Choose Custom Made Curtains?

It is common scenario that when people start designing their rooms with matching furniture, walls, pictures, home decor their designing process is forced to come to an abrupt halt when they fall short of finding complementary draperies. Ready made curtains often do no succeed to complete the explicit look, fitting to the theme and requirement of the space. There are innumerable reasons why one would choose custom made draperies over their store bought versions.

With their distinctive fringes, pleats, patterns, bands, trims and ties, custom drapes help create a personalized and dramatic look in coordination with any space. Personal preferences of length, style, lining, coverage and fullness are guaranteed by custom made drapes. Lining makes all the difference. The lining helps to block the sun rays, prevent fading and also adds extensiveness to the drape.

Custom draperies are lined with a thicker fabric that blocks the sun in the best possible way. The composition of the lining provides the curtain more rich detailing, strength and fullness. Tailored to suit specific needs and designs, the custom made drapes are meant to be exclusive and unique. In contrast with the readymade curtains, there is no such concept as standard sizes with custom draperies. They can be sewn to fit precisely into any shape or size. 

The fabrics used in custom curtains are very different. They are environment friendly, these drapes do not contain dyes, pesticides or chlorinated phenol. They are not harmful to the skin, as they are not chemically treated. Made from the best raw materials, they are made to be soft, eco friendly fabrics.

As they undergo rigorous processes, such custom made curtains do not easily collect dust and dirt, hence safe for children. Store brought curtains are prone to be harsh on the skin and get rough after a few washes, but custom made drapes are very delicate and light to touch. Although more expensive than store brought drapes, more and more people are started to order designers to craft custom made drapes for their abode.They are worth the extra money.

Experienced and skilled interior decorators and designers are entrusted to create these drapes, from start to finish, ensuring high standards in terms of value of each of the curtains. Store brought draperies are made with solid, neutral colors and in standard sizes. But custom made curtains offer an infinite range of prints, colors and sizes, something that readymade curtains do not present.

Endless choices are available to go well with the personal taste and fitting to the style of the space. Custom drapes also allow for creating coordinating covers, cushions, and other room accessories from the same fabric. While mass produced curtains need to be changed every two or three years, the custom made drapes go for many years longer owing to superior quality and retained fabric color.

Among all reasons to make an investment in custom made curtains most significant among them is value. Custom made drapes is a better alternative to readymade curtains. They make a statement in the room, accent windows and draw the eye.

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How To Select Blinds in Singapore

How To Select Blinds in Singapore

Considering having your windows covered with Blinds instead of curtains? It is a very good consideration to choose from. Besides being a stylish choose as compared to curtains, it is very useful in various conditions with reference to the climate you live in. In Singapore, the climate is very hot and in the mornings and afternoons you can expect lot of sun rays shining through into your rooms and living rooms if the windows are without curtains or blinds.

Choosing blinds from a range of different types of blinds which caters to your needs is a very important activity. But why choose blinds over curtains in the first place? Choosing blind is a very good choice as it is lighter to handle, easier to maintain or clean, it is able to liven up a room by complementing with selected colours for the designated room and last but not least it is considerably cheaper than curtains.
And what types of blinds can you choose from?

You can choose blinds from a range of blinds available in the types like vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds or venetian blinds and etc.

Let’s start off with Vertical Blinds, like its name suggests, this category of blinds is constructed with many strips of blinds hanging vertically from the ceiling on a track rail with respect to the horizontal plane. Vertical blinds are very unique, it comes in a normal waist level window size or it comes in the form that is suitable for large windows like French windows. It can be made of aluminum, wood, solar films, synthetic fabric, plastic and etc. Vertical Blinds are very classy to have in a home with the correct complementing colour selected and it can be used to control the amount of light into the home as well.

Up next would be Roller Blinds, this type of blinds are most suitable for blocking out the morning sun rays and very suitable for office use as well. It’s mode of movement and usage is to be rolled up and down at the windows. Usually it is made of plastic and it looks simple yet amazing to look at yet it is one of the most functional types of blinds available in the market today. These types of blinds usually come in many different colours to choose from.

Roman Blinds are the usually made of fabrics and there are various type of fabrics to be found for it. It’s mode of movement is in the same category as the Roller Blinds where it is rolled up and down.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce the Venetian Blinds or Mini Blinds. It is made up of horizontal strips of blinds connected by a cord or strips of long fabric to be rise up and down usually. Venetian Blinds are very stylish to have in a home as it can be made of materials such as wood which gives a homely and rustic feel. Other materials are also available for selection such as metallic, plastic and etc.

With this much choices for blinds, do consider installing them in your home today and make your home to look and feel much more comfortable a place to live in!

Singapore Curtains LLP is your one stop solution for all types of curtains and blinds in Singapore

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Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Thinking of installing blinds at your home or office? Perhaps you may want to consider using wooden blinds. Wooden blinds may be slightly higher in price as compared to the other types of blinds. However, the benefits of using wooden blinds surpass the price difference. Think of it as a long term investment.

Wooden blinds can help to create a very relaxed environment. The feeling of being back to nature puts people at ease and gives us a comfortable feeling. No matter where you are, you can feel like you are in heaven. After a hard day at work, you just want to find a nice place to unwind. Imagine sitting at your favorite spot, relaxing over a cup of chamomile tea and simply just enjoying the privacy away from the eyes of others.

There are many benefits of using wooden blinds and we shall explore them in further details.

1.    Wood provides a natural look and blends well into any setting whether it is traditional or modern. It is suitable for all spaces like homes, spas or offices.

2.    Good insulator from heat or cold – It is suitable for all types of weather or climate. You do not need to change blinds frequently. It does not block out air for ventilation.

3.    Withstand temperature and sunlight well – Diffuses light well so it is not too bright in the room. It also does not spoil due to temperature change.

4.    Versatile – Comes in different types of wood, shapes or colours. You may choose according to your preference on grain pattern, style and can be trimmed to size you want.

5.    High level of privacy – View is not visible from outside. Wood provides the highest level of privacy. Other blinds pale in comparison for privacy level.

6.    Easy to maintain – Low maintenance. You do not need to remove it for cleaning. Room always looks clean. For other blinds, regular cleaning is needed as dust is very obvious on the material.

7.    Easy cleaning – Slats are thicker than other types of blinds thus cleaning is easy. Just simply use a cloth and a light cleanser. You do not need to remove the blind for cleaning or spend hours removing the dust.

8.    Durable – High quality wood can last long for at least a few years. Wood does not warp easily due to coating with protective layer.

9.    Versatile – Change look of it by re-staining or painting a new colour. Save a lot of money by not buying new blinds.

10.    Safe – Wooden blinds are generally safer as there are no sharp edges. Suitable for families with the elderly or young children.

11.    Gives a warm, cozy feeling. You can put the blinds at a corner of your home near the balcony as a space for you to relax.

The benefits of wooden blinds are surely worth the money that you will be spending. Make your choice now.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Benefits of Solar Window Film

Benefits of Solar Window Film

Solar films are applicable for residential, industrial and commercial building. Solar films are widely available which comes in different type of styles, colours and price ranges.

We must agree that windows provide us with a full view and sunlight will help to minimize the use on artificial light. However, excess sunlight will mean emitting excess heat that may require more devices to keep us cool & comfortable.

One proven way of solar window film is reducing the utility bills and reducing solar heat gain is the installation of solar film. Solar film is often installed directly on the inner panels of a window this reflecting heat or absorbing heat. Although it reduces the use of cooling devices, solar film provides greater personal comfort and increased protection for interiors against sun damage. Personal comfort increased while electrical bill costs are reduced.

Sun projects harmful ultraviolet rays that are commonly associated with sun damages to us and all types of interior furniture, such as car interiors and carpets. A range of solar control window films to reduce sun glares from the sun before it pass through the windows of your office, school, car or factory. We understand that the sun glares are irritating and painful making work conditions uncomfortable. Unlike curtain blinds, which can only hide the sun glares, solar film enables you to look out of your window and enjoy your view without any problems!

Generally, modern glass windows are generally tempered. If in any situation, window is broken, the glass will shatter into many pieces. With solar film, it is designed to hold these broken pieces together and preventing it from shattering. This will help to protect and prevent any accidents such as theft or human injury.

Want to create your spaces such as home theatre?
Try installing a privacy solar film such as dark tint films or blackout firm. It darkens the area by reducing the amount of light entering the windows. It adds privacy to the area as people would not be able to see through your window that easily anymore. It offers practical means to solve many problems such as security concerns.

We have built our reputation on being particular to our client’s requirements, and satisfying them with our quality workmanship. We provide solar film with the utmost competitive prices without compromising its quality.

We have a team of professional sales consultants whom you can seek advice on our solar films. As we carry a variety range of high performing solar films, we hope to provide all kinds of solar film to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

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Venetian Blinds in Singapore

Venetian Blinds in Singapore

If you are choosing to add an accessory for your windows, there are lots of different variety of types to choose from curtains to blinds such as roller blinds, venetian blinds, blackout blinds and etc. Blinds offer be able to provide a new fresh look to your building.

Venetian blinds can be a decoration for any commercial or residential buildings, yet with the right colours & type of design, blinds can be an essential role in accentuating your home. Venetian blinds are durable, affordable, easy maintenance and versatile.

Venetian Blinds are able to change the theme and control the brightness emitting through your windows due to its horizontal slat which can be rotated. If your space area gets sunlight directly, these coverings can be replacing curtains while not darkening the space. With the ability to control the brightness of sunlight emitting into your residential or commercial building, it will protect your appliances and furniture from direct expose of sunlight. This will prevent your furnishing from fading and discoloration. Regardless, renovating or new homeowner, venetian blinds may be the best choice!

Venetian blinds are cost effective and readily available. In today’s market, there is an extensive range of venetian blinds and textures, it is made-to-measure or readily made, and blinds will be much easier to assemble than curtains. Blinds are cost effective as it is another alternative for curtains. Although curtains cover up windows as well, wind can blow them aside easily and leave your windows exposed. Venetian blinds heavier at the bottom by cords and rods, this enables them to be stronger and resistant to impact and wind.

Keep in mind that the colours of blinds you choose will affect the mood you set to these window treatments, especially if you are replacing curtains. For venetian blinds, it only require low maintenance which will save you from money and time, you can just simply wipe it with a cloth regularly to prevent storage of dust. Curtains will require professional curtain cleaning company to clean the curtains.

Singapore Curtains specializes in all curtains & blinds, we provide other services to complete and make it perfect for all our clients such as interior design. We are able to customize curtains and blinds with our professional consultants. Our dedicated team of specialist strive to provide a higher standard of customer satisfaction. We believe that our success depends on our ability to deliver only quality workmanship. The major key is to find the balance between the total cost and blind’s benefit.
If you require any help, CALL US!

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Choosing Curtains or Blinds for Home

Choosing Curtains or Blinds for Home

Choosing the right curtains can be such a headache as it is one of the most critical features in any house. It is basically one of first thing that catches a person’s attention when they enter your house. Different areas at home use different curtains, for example, bedroom curtains should be thicker to prevent light from entering when you are resting. Most tend to choose lighter colors to match their curtains in the living room. It makes the house brighten and when you step into the house, you will feel bright and fresh.

Curtains or Blinds are essential element in a house decoration, the colour and style of the curtains or blinds can bring out different types of feel, look and theme to complete the entire area. When purchasing your curtains or blinds, it is strongly advisable to approach a professional curtain company to assist you. You will have to decide and consider the purpose of the curtains, whether it is aesthetic or privacy. Consulting professional curtains and blinds consultant can save you terrible unforgiveable mistakes .

Curtains or blinds should be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance. Maintenance of curtains can be costly by engaging a professional curtain cleaning company, but in a long run, it is an investment to extend its lifespan. Maintenance of blinds is quite easy with regular cleaning using water to prevent storage of dust and particles. For blinds you can use a warm cloth and dip it into the water and clean it with hands and not machines. For curtains, you can do a dry cleaning or simply get a professional laundry company to was the curtains for you.

So which type of convenience and purpose do you require?
Curtains or blinds may be able to absorb or deaden any sound passing through windows. Windows without coverings will enable heat to emit into the room which makes a room hotter during sunny day. With curtains or blinds, it can reduce the transfer of heat by creating a barrier. With regards to colours, a dark colour curtains or blinds with dark colour walls will make the room look even smaller. The same opposite concept – With light curtains or blinds will open up the area and make it look bigger. By choosing the right colour of curtains will enable you to control your own space dimension.

It is time to replace your tattered & old curtains! Unsure what to replace with?
In today’s market, there are many available options when choosing curtains or blinds. The process when choosing does not have to be frustrating anymore. Have an idea which curtains or blinds and colour within your budget. After having an idea, look for Singapore Curtain to narrow down your search, we will be able to assist you.

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